SAT-G01 : Stub 1dBi Antenna

SAT-G01 : Stub 1dBi Antenna
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Parani SAT-G01 Stub Dipole Antenna 1dBi, SMA Plug Left Hand Thread:

  • Gain: 1.0dBi 
  • VSWR: 1.9:1 Max 
  • Signal Direction: Omnidirectional(spherical) 
  • Dimensions: (L) 30.0mm x (Dia) 7.0mm
  • Weight: 3.5g

Compatible with Products:

  • Bluetooth Serial Adapters: SD100/200
  • Bluetooth Access Point: MSP100
  • Bluetooth Embedded Modules: ESD110 and ESD210
  • Cables: EEC, SEC and UEC 
  • Adapters: SLR-G01

Typical operating range (reference SD100 to SD100)

  • 1dBi SAT-G01 to 1dBi SAT-G01 100m
  • 1dBi SAT-G01 to 3dBi DAT-G01 150m
  • 3dBi DAT-G01 to 3dBi DAT-G01 200m
  • 3dBi DAT-G01 to 5dBi DAT5-G01 300m
  • 3dBi DAT-G01 to 9dBi PAT-G01 500m
  • 5dBi DAT5-G01 to 5dBi DAT5-G01 400m
  • 5dBi DAT5-G01 to 9dBi PAT-G01 600m
  • 9dBi PAT-G01 to 9dBi PAT-G01 1,000m

Other compatible antennas

  • PAT-G01 - Patch 9dBi (L122mm x W90 x D26mm, Weight. 225g)
  • DAT5-G01 - Dipole 5dBi (L: 196mm x Dia: 6.5mm tapering to 13.3mm at base, Weight. 25g) 
  • DAT-G01 - Dipole 3dBi (L: 124mm x Dia: 7mm at top tapering to 10.5mm at base, Weight.12g) 
  • SAT-G01 - Dipole Stub 1dBi (L: 30mm x Dia.7.4mm, Weight: 3.5g)
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