RHIO232 and SENA Device Servers

Rhio232 and Sena Device Servers

The Rhio232 is a Serial I/O Manager that enables Sena Device Servers to control and monitor I/O devices. It is designed to connect to a Sena Device Server through the RS232 interface.

The Rhio232 houses 12 optically isolated digital inputs (0 ~ ±24V), 10 digital relay outputs of max.220V level, 4channel 10-bit resolution analog inputs, and a RS232 with RJ45 connector. The Rhio232 has basic programmable logic output functions such as AND, OR, NOT, Delay/Pulse and supports DIN-Rail mount.

When interfacing I/O devices to STS Series, users can directly connect one-end of the CAT5 cable to the RHIO232's RJ45 connector and another end to the Sena device servers. When interfacing I/O devices to Lite Series, Pro Series, or SS100, users may use CAT5 cable with RJ45 to DB9 female straight cable adapter. The Rhio10 may be applied various application areas as follows.

* Remote Data Acquisition Systems
* Remote Data Acquisition
* Remote Distributed I/O Systems
* Automated Machine Monitoring
* Industrial Instrumentation
* Discrete Control
* Distributed Data Acquisition System

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