ZU10-G01 : ProBee ZigBee USB Adapter

ZU10-G01 : ProBee ZigBee USB Adapter
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The ProBee-ZU10 is an ZigBee USB adapter with integrated ZigBee core and radio/antenna circuits together with high level software library. 

The ZU10 USB Adapter is designed to meet specific requirements to low cost and low power wireless applications such as Home Automation, Smart Energy, Health care, Building Automation and Telecom Services by adopting the ZigBee technology.

Despite of its cost effective and low power consumptions, the ZU10 provides high performance and robust data transfer capability for wide range of applications. The ZU10 can transfer data at up to 250 kbps and reach up to 1.6 km (1 mile) outdoor line-of-sight.

  • Fully supports ZigBee 2007 / ZigBee Pro stack
  • Integrated 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4-compliant coprocessor
  • Various antenna options according to users' requirement, up to 1.6km (1 mile) with optional 5 dBi dipole antenna
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Supports remote management features wirelessly such as firmware upgrade and system configuration by using modem AT command set
  • Easy to use Windows configuration tool available

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