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BPC-G02 : Standard Rechargeable Battery
BPC-G02 Standard Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable LiON Capacity: 240mAh Recharge tim..
BPC-G03 : Extended Rechargeable Battery
BPC-G03 Standard Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable LiON Capacity: 900mAh Recharge tim..
CBL-USB-AMF3 : USB 2.0 Type A Female to Type A Male Extension Cable Lead Blue 30cm
CBL-USB-AMF3 USB 2.0 Extension Cable 30cm Blue. Used for connecting USB 2.0 devices remotely f..
Ex GST: $9.00
DAT-G01R : Dipole 3dBi Antenna
Parani DAT-G01R Dipole Antenna 3dBi, RP-SMA Right Hand Thread: Gain: 3.0dBi  VSWR:..
Ex GST: $13.20
DAT5-G01R : Dipole 5dBi Antenna
Parani DAT5-G01R Dipole Antenna 5dBi, RP-SMA Right Hand Thread: Gain: 5.0dBi  VSWR..
Ex GST: $16.60
DPA-G01 : DC Power Cable
DPA-G01 DC Power Cable Powers adapter from any 5~12VDC power source Connector Type..
Ex GST: $7.50
OPA-G01 : External Power Adapter
External Power Adaptor Includes Australian regional power plugs adapter Supplied with E..
Ex GST: $24.00
PAT-G01R : Patch Antenna 9dBi
Parani PAT-G01R Dipole Antenna 9dBi, RP-SMA Right Hand Thread: Gain: 9.0dBi  VSWR:..
Ex GST: $68.00
RFC-G01R : Extension Cable for Patch Antenna
RFC-G01R SENA Parani Antenna Extension Cable 1m, RP-SMA Right-Hand Thread to SMA Right-Hand Thread. ..
Ex GST: $22.90
SAT-G01R : Stub 1dBi Antenna
Parani SAT-G01R Stub Dipole Antenna 1dBi, RP-SMA Right Hand Thread: Gain: 1.0dBi  VSWR:..
Ex GST: $8.50
SEC-G01R : 15cm Antenna Extension Cable
SEC-G01R SENA Parani Cable Extension 15cm, RP-SMA Right-Hand Thread For Parani Bluetooth And ZigBee ..
Ex GST: $17.80
UEC-G01R : 12cm U.FL to RP-SMA Cable
UEC-G01R U.FL to RP-SMA Right-Hand Thread Connector Type: U.FL to RP-SMA, Right Hand Thread ..
Ex GST: $14.00
UPA-G01 : USB Power Cable
UPA-G01 USB Power Cable Powers adapters from a spare host USB port Connector Type: Mini..
Ex GST: $12.20
LTC100 : Serial Converter RS-232 to RS-422 / RS485
LTC100 is a high performance signal converter between RS-232 and RS-422/485 which operates with or w..
Ex GST: $78.50
FM9GD-G01 : Null Modem RS232 DB9 M2M
FM9GD-G01 Null Modem Adapter RS232 DB9 Male To Male Gender Changer Weight 20g Suitable ..
Ex GST: $7.70
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