Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - Issued as at 10th November 2013

RF Modules Australia (RF Modules Australia ATF Momin Trust ABN 71 182 676 792) of 97 Cimitiere Street, Launceston in the State of TASMANIA ("RFMA") is enthusiastic about fulfilling customer wants and satisfying customer demands. In providing the best customer service to our clients RFMA is often required to possess and retain certain private information concerning its clients. RFMA is sensitive to and respectful of all their clients need for privacy. To this end RFMA has written this Privacy Policy statement to allay any customer fears and to clarify that customer confidential information is respected by RFMA and protected according to the statutory principles published by the Commonwealth in the Commonwealth's Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

RFMA has in its possession information collected from clients such as names, addresses, premises. Included in this information is information concerning the type of product the client is interested in.

Personal information of the client is used by RFMA in supplying to them the goods and services that are RFMA's business. Neither RFMA, nor its employees, sells or discloses client lists containing personal information to other organisations or individuals.

Personal information may only be disclosed to persons outside of RFMA if it is being used, confidentially, for the purpose of conducting the business matters between RFMA and the client.
The personal information will only be disclosed by RFMA if: 

If you, as the client, wish to complain about an alleged breach of privacy by RFMA you can do so in writing (that is by mail, fax or email or by delivery in person) to the address listed at the top of this document.

RFMA will respond to such a complaint as soon as is reasonably possible and will ensure that such a complaint is acknowledged within fourteen (14) days of its receipt.

RFMA, in keeping with the principles of privacy, may ask questions of any person seeking to access personal information. If such questions are answered unsatisfactorily then the requested information shall not be provided. This is to further guarantee the privacy of client personal details.

If you have any queries concerning this Privacy Policy statement please contact us here.