SEC-G01R : 15cm Antenna Extension Cable

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Ex Tax: $17.80

SEC-G01R : 15cm Antenna Extension Cable

SEC-G01R SENA Parani Cable Extension 15cm, RP-SMA Right-Hand Thread For Parani Bluetooth And ZigBee ProBee.

  • RP-SMA Right-Hand Thread
  • Flanged panel mount RP-SMA Right-Hand Thread
  • Dimensions: (L) 150.0mm (6")
  • Weight: 6.0g

Compatible with Products:

  • Bluetooth Serial Adapters: SD1100/1000
  • USB Adapters: SD1000U/UD100
  • Bluetooth Access Point: MSP1000
  • Embedded Modules: ESD1000, ESD1000, 110V2, 210, and BCD110DS
  • ZigBee ProBee Serial Adapter: ZS10
  • USB Adapter: ZU10
  • Embedded Modules: ZE10S and ZE20SDS

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