PS410-G01 : Four port Serial Device Server, AU/NZ Plug Pack

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  PS110 PS410 PS810
Serial Interface Serial speeds 75bps to 230kbps
DB9 connector
Flow Control: Hardware, Software
  • RS232: Rx, Tx, RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, DCD, GND
  • RS422: Tx+, Tx-, Rx+, Rx-, RTS+, RTS-, CTS+, CTS-
  • RS485: 2/4-wire
Surge protector equipped for each serial port
Network Interface 10/100 Base-T Ethernet with RJ45 Ethernet connector
Supports static and dynamic IP address
Protocols ARP, IP/ICMP, TCP, UDP,
SNMP v1 & v2, SSL v3
Serial Port Access protocol :
Telnet, TCP, UDP, SSL v3, RFC-2217
Ethernet modem Full AT command set support
Security SSH, SSL, IP address filtering, HTTPS
  • Web
  • Console port
  • Telnet/SSH
  • HelloDevice ManagerTM software
  • O/S support: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Logging Versatile system logging support for all system events
Serial port data logging
Firmware Upgrade using console, telnet/SSH and web
Diagnostic LED Power, Link, Serial Rx/Tx for each serial port Power, Link, Act, Serial Rx/Tx for each serial port Power, Ready, Link, Act, Serial Rx/Tx for each serial port
Power 9~30VDC, 0.35A @ 9VDC 9~30VDC, 0.4A @ 9VDC 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.24A
Environmental Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Storage temperature: -20°C to 66°C
Humidity: 90% Non-condensing
Physical Properties 114 x 82 x 26 (mm)
4.48 x 3.22 x 1.02 ( in.)
119 x 227 x 27 (mm)
4.68 x 8.94 x 1.06 ( in.)
119x 437 x 44 (mm)
4.69 x 17.20 x 1.73 ( in.)
MTBF 57.59 Years 30.89 Years 18.42 Years
Regulatory Approvals FCC Part 15 Subpart B, Class A
EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
Warranty 5-year limited warranty
Model Description  
PS110   HelloDevice Pro 110 single-port serial device server  
PS410   HelloDevice Pro 410 4-port serial device server  
PS810   HelloDevice Pro 810 8-port serial device server  
  PS110/410/810 Includes:
  • Quick start guide
  • External 110V or 230V power supply
  • Serial data cable

Optional Accessories:
  • DIN-Rail mount kit for PS110 and PS410
PS110B   HelloDevice Pro 110 single-port serial device server board
  • Board Only

HelloDevice Pro Series PS410-G01 Contents:

  • 1 x PS410 Serial Device Server Four Port
  • 1 x External 240V Plug Pack AU/NZ
  • 1 x Serial Data Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

PS410-G01 : Four port Serial Device Server, AU/NZ Plug Pack



The Pro Series is a serial device server product line that connects RS-232/422/485 serial devices to the industry standard 10/100Base-T Ethernet network. The PS110, PS410, and PS810 are in 1, 4, and 8 port device server models respectively in the Pro Series product line.

These device servers incorporate advanced features such as such as flexible operation mode, TCP/UDP multicasting, telnet COM port control protocol support (RFC2217 compliant), SSL encryption, and port event handling.

  • Connects legacy serial devices to 10/100Base-T Ethernet network.
  • Supports surge protector for RS232/422/485 interface, up to 230Kbps speed. 
  • Flexible TCP/UDP host mode support: Multiple host connection/data transfer.
  • Powerful security support, SSL (Secure Socket Layer), RC4.
  • System logging & port logging.
  • Supports Dynamic DNS protocol for DSL connection to broadband Internet.
  • Configuration via Web, Telnet/SSH, Windows Utility or console.
  • Supports RFC 2217, Telnet COM Port Control Protocol.

Panel Layout

- PS110


- PS410


- PS810


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