RHIO10 : Remote Ethernet I/O Manager

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Network Interface 10 Base-T Ethernet with RJ45 connector
Supports static and dynamic IP address
Digital Input
  • Number of channels: 12
  • Input type: Voltage
  • Input circuitry: Optically isolated photo-coupler
  • Input range: 0V ~ ±24V
  • OFF 0V ~ ±1.2V, ON ±3.3V ~ ±24V
  • Sampling rate: 20ms
  • Isolation voltage: 5KV
Digital Output
  • Number of channels: 10
  • Output type: Relay
  • Rated load: 3A/240VAC
  • Insulation resistance: 1000㏁Min (DC500V)
  • Electrical life expectancy: 100,000 operations
  • Contact Resistance: 100ms Max
  • Isolation voltage (coil and contact): 4KV
  • Reaction within 10ms
Analog Input
  • Number of channels: 4
  • Effective resolution: 10-bit
  • Input type: Voltage, Direct coupling
  • Input range: 0V ~Aref (Analog reference voltage, 2~5V)
  • Sampling rate: 1000 samples/sec
  • Telnet, DHCP client, PPPoE
  • Rhio Manager Windows Utility, Serial Console or Telnet
Software Support
  • Windows MFC DLL library
  • I/O configuration, I/O status monitoring/control
Diagnostic LED
  • Power, Link, Act
  • Digital Output, 1~10
  • Digital Input, 1~12
  • Analog Input, 1~4
Power 9V ~ 48VDC, Max. 5W
Environmental Operating temperature: 0'C to 50'C
Storage temperature: -20'C to 66'C
Humidity: 90% Non-condensing
Physical Properties Dimension (LxWxH)
137 x 111 x 58 (mm)
5.4 x 4.4 x 2.3 ( in.)
Weight: 730g
MTBF 34.51 Years
Certification FCC (A), CE, MIC
Warranty 5-year limited warranty
Model Description Price (USD)
RHIO10 RHIO10 Remote Ethernet I/O Manager $299
  • Quick start guide
  • CAT5 cable
  • RJ45-DB9 Female Straight Cable Adapter

  • DIN-Rail mount kit

RHIO10 Remote Ethernet IO Manager Contents:

  • 1 x RHIO10 Ethernet IO Manager
  • 1x CAT5 cable
  • 1x RJ45-DB9 female adapter (straight)
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide

RHIO10 : Remote Ethernet I/O Manager

The Rhio10 is an Ethernet I/O device server that enables remote monitoring and control of input output devices over the network. The Rhio10 device server provides standard interface for high performance industrial applications including remote data acquisition, automated machine monitoring, industrial instrumentation, discrete control, security and access control and distributed data acquisition system.


  • Supports 10Base-T Ethernet network connection
  • 12 optically isolated digital inputs (0 ~ ±24V)
  • 10 digital relay outputs, Max. 220V level
  • 4 channel 10-bit resolution analog inputs for basic data acquisition
  • Basic programmable logic output functions such as AND, OR, NOT and Delay
  • Reliable TCP/IP protocol stack.
  • Supports DIN-Rail mount
  • Management using easy-to-use Windows utility
  • Windows DLL support for the easier integration with user program

RHIO232 Panel Layout:


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