RMX232-433.920P : Radio Modem, RS232, UHF, 433.920MHz @ 25mW

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Price: $280.50
Ex Tax: $255.00

Radio Specifications

  • Radio approval EN 300-220-1, ETS 300-683, AS4268.2 
  • Australian C-Tick Approval
  • Transmit power:

433.920MHz - 10mW (AUS)
433.920MHz - 25mW (AUS)
434.650MHz - 10mW (AUS)

  • Receiver sensitivity -112dB for 1ppm BER (UHF)
  • Aerial: SMA female connector

Operating Specifications

  • Operating voltage of 7 to 28VDC (15VDC on onlder models)
  • Average current of 36mA (data streaming).
  • Standby current of 15mA.
  • Shutdown current of 440uA, for long-term battery operation (DTR activated).
  • Physical: Width 62mm, Depth 24mm, Height 103mm. (excludes antenna)
  • Operating temperature of 0 to 60 degrees C

Part Number

  • RMX232-433.920 (10mW AUS/NZ)
  • RMX232-433.920P (25mW AUS/NZ)
  • RMX232-434.650 (10mW AUS/NZ)

RMX232-433.920P : Radio Modem, RS232, UHF, 433.920MHz @ 25mW

RMX232-433.920P Serial Radio Modem


The RMX232 Radio Modem provides a reliable wireless communications link between two serial devices. The RMX232 can be used in a variety of data communications applications that require a simple to use invisible data link.

The RMX232 permits point-to-point error free transfers upto 14400bps half duplex.

Repeater mode enables the Radio Modem to extend the effective operating range of a point-to-point link by forwarding data packets to a single repeater hops.

The Radio Modem uses unit & site addressed data packets with error checking and packet acknowledgements to achieve a well managed highly reliable wireless link. The on-air data rate is selectable from 600 to 14400 bps, thus improving network access for multiple point-to-point links within close proximity.

Configure the RMX232 for point-to-multipoint broadcast mode and combine with any number of intelligent host computers/ controllers to implement very large networks.

The RMX232 Radio Modem supports a range of built-in diagnostic functions that can be used for network interrogation, network problem finding and radio site & range testing.


  • Addressable Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and Broadcast Multidrop
  • Licence exempt operation
  • Serial protocol. 8 data/1 stop/ no parity
  • DTE Speed selectable 600-115200bps
  • Air data speed selectable  600-2400bps (VHF)
  • DTE flow control - hardware/software/none
  • 96 byte serial receive/transmit buffer
  • On-air data encryption and 100% code balancing.
  • Increased range with external antenna
  • Simple built-in command line configuration
  • Built-in RF link diagnostics
  • Remote over-air unit configuration
  • Modem status indicators
  • Low operating current. Auto standby mode
  • Low profile extruded aluminium enclosure.
  • 7-28V DC power supply (15VDC on onlder models).