RHIO232 : Remote Serial I/O Manager

RHIO232 : Remote Serial I/O Manager
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The Rhio232 is a Serial I/O Manager that enables SENA Device Servers to monitor and control I/O devices. It is designed to connect to a SENA Device Server through the RS232 interface.


  • RS232 serial connection with Sena Device/Terminal Servers
  • 12 optically isolated digital inputs (0 ~ ±24V)
  • 10 digital relay outputs, Max. 220V level
  • 4 channel 10-bit resolution analog inputs for basic data acquisition
  • Basic programmable logic output functions such as AND, OR, NOT and Delay
  • Supports DIN-Rail mount
  • Management using easy-to-use Windows utility
  • Windows DLL support for the easier integration with user program

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